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for when financial stress rises and cookie cutter solutions don't work

Unlock Your Team’s True Potential at Work and in Life

Ongoing lack of financial stability lowers creativity, increases pessimism, increases stress, lowers energy levels, increases sick time, strains relationships, and leads to physical and mental health issues. With 7 out of 10 people living paycheck to paycheck, your organization is likely experiencing some negative affects of personal financial stress. 

North American Statistics

loose sleep because of financial worries


very concerned with ability to afford housing or rent


finances are the number-one cause of stress


difficult for their household to meet its financial needs


feeling anxious about their financial situation


If your people are part of these statistics, it's impossible for them to do their best work.


Create A Culture That Retains Excellent People

Micro-businesses and non-profit organizations don't always have the resources for an employee benefits plan. On top of that, inflation and a consumer culture is eating away everyone's paycheck which adds stress and discontentment when bonuses and pay raises just aren't possible. When jobs are plenty and great workers are few, it makes it hard to retain great people when the larger competition is offering so many extras. A company who cares about workers and makes them feel valued is often what keeps those precious people around.

Relieve financial fears


believe employers have a responsibility to help employees improve their financial well-being

Source: 2022 Purchasing Power Harris Poll Survey Report

Stressed worker


financially stressed employees are twice as likely to look for a new job

Source: 2022 PwC employee financial wellness survey

Financially stressed Millennials and Gen Zers


of financially stressed employees would move to a company that cares about their financial health

Source: 2022 PwC employee financial wellness survey

Show Your People You Care

Implementing and running a high-quality financial wellness program is a very cost-effective way to help your people refocus, gain control, and make a plan so their existing paycheck not only covers their bills - it also has some leftovers. In fact, when they learn to master money, it will feel like they got at 15% raise! 

A holistic financial wellness program can be implemented seamlessly and easily using our experience and access to extensive resources.

Our programs help your people to:

  • create a simple, sustainable money system that works for them
  • develop their own matrix for wise decision making
  • live for today’s experiences while sustainably saving for a healthy financial future (without a restrictive budget plan)
  • cultivate a wealth-oriented money mindset that will move you from surviving to thriving in a life of abundance
  • gain peace, balance and contentment in relationships, work, and life through healthy money- communication
  • stay accountable to do the work needed to build the life of their dreams

…and so much more

holistic financial wellness program for your staff and volunteers

personal finance money skills for staff and volunteers

Why Us?

We Keep it Simple

Trying to understand money and finances can be confusing and emotional. Our financial workshops are designed to deliver complex concepts in an easy to understand way, free from jargon.

We Are Experts

We have taught financial literacy for many years, developed our own courses, have done extensive training, provide industry-leading programs and resources, and have a strong network of international colleagues supporting us. We also know that money is only the visible part — there is a lot more going on than unplanned spending.

We Have Resources

We provide industry-leading proprietary tools and resources that allow our clients to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

We Don't Sell

We are not licensed for and DO NOT give legal, accounting, or investment advice, nor do we sell any financial or insurance products. We don't earn any commissions nor do we receive any monetary gain for referrals to licensed professionals in these areas.

We are Engaging

We pride ourselves on delivering informative, engaging presentations which are interactive and really get people motivated. Our material has been approved by pastors, specialists, and industry-leading financial coaches.

We Provide Tools

Every program has visuals, handouts, interaction, opportunities to ask questions, and encouragement to dig deeper into the topic.

Give Your People Financial Peace

— And become the place that everyone wants to work at —

Having Financially Healthy Employees Pays Off

Better Priorities | Wiser Decisions | Clearer Communication

Our approach to financial wellness focuses on education, mindset, behavior, and habits. We use fun and engaging ways to break down complex financial concepts into simple ideas and action items. Our goal is to educate, empower and uplift your people so they can stop beating themselves up for past mistakes and start building a new future.

We don’t tell people what to do with their money and we don’t earn any commissions from the financial decisions they make for themselves. Our desire is to coach your people out of survival mode and into the life of their dreams by offering guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way!

Proactive spending plans within 2 months


have proactive spending plans within 2 months

Peace about finances within 30 days


report peace within 30 days

Healthy finances create stronger relationships


report stronger relationships after 3 months


We will answer all your questions during your free Discovery Call.
Some common ones are listed below.

Financial Coaching give you direction and support

We have an unbiased, refreshing approach to financial coaching that does not involve selling our clients insurance, investments, or any other financial products. In fact, we aren't licensed to sell any of them.

We will explain financial tools, help clients understand their options, help them know what questions to ask, and how to choose the right person to help them so they are empowered with everything they need to make a confident decision.

We do have several resources, including online courses, education programs, and master classes that can be used to enhance the coaching process, as well as coaching specialists that can be called in for unique situations. These may include an additional charge.

Our programs are always customized.

We have some proprietary framework and tend to use resources that have proven to be effective.  the key Our financial wellness programs are modular so we will work with you to adapt our concepts, principles, action items, and resources to the unique needs of your team and organization.

How people work with money is as unique as their financial situation and goals. Books, courses, and ‘self-help’ programs can work, but what we’ve found is that you can’t put individuals and their unique relationships with money into a box.

While we have a proven proprietary coaching system, instead of funneling our clients into a black-and-white set of steps, we customize coaching to individuals in a judgment-free atmosphere.

We start by guiding the client towards defining wealth and happiness (Refocus). The coach then injects tools and accountability to help them follow through (Gain Control). Then, the client creates a long-term, sustainable plan for success (Set a Plan). The next step is the most fun as clients experience reaching their financial sweet spot (Build Capacity).

It’s important to remember that results vary by participant and the effort they put in. Every person has unique objectives, personal definitions of success, and specific obstacles they are trying to overcome financially. We believe that it’s far more useful to focus on building a strong foundation when it comes to mindset, behavior, and habits, to ensure consistent, sustainable results.

However, most of our clients begin feeling a sense of ‘peace’ right from their first interaction, experience improvement in their relationships and sleep within 45 days, and report improved psychological well-being after working with us.

And while it varies from person to person, clients who fully implement the program have reported an improvement of over $600 in cash flow per month, and 94% have an emergency fund established within 45 days.

We don’t believe in quick fixes and band-aids that temporarily solve financial problems but do nothing for our clients in the long run.

By addressing the root of their relationship with money, we support them as they build solid money habits, strengthen their relationships with their loved ones, and embark on the path to a sustainable financial future.

Program costs vary depending on what you want and the budget available. We are happy to talk numbers after we meet for a Discovery Call. If you'd like to move forward, we'll hold a more in-depth consultation to drill down specifics and write up a proposal defining exactly what you want and the financial investment involved. 

Private sessions are completely confidential.

Group sessions are harder to control given there are other people involved. Participants never have to share anything they don't want to. When personal numbers are being looked at, we discuss general concepts as a group and only look at personal numbers when the participant asks for help.

We do not collect any personal data (such as social security numbers, bank account info, etc). We do not share contact information with any outside agency, vendor, or partner.

We believe our clients need to feel safe in their coaching relationship and we’ll do everything we can to make them feel comfortable.

Provide Critical Intervention Now

Everything we do starts with a Discovery Call.
Let's have a conversation! There's no commitment required.

If during your Discovery Call, it's determined we're a good fit, we will set up a time for an in-depth consultation to drill down specifics. After the consultation, we will create a proposal which you can review and take to key people in your leadership to get their input. When you're ready to go, just let us know.

In-Depth Consultation

90 minutes

Review our Proposal

sent within 1 week

Let us know you're IN

agreement & invoice sent

Guided Steps to Financial Freedom

We are part of the Accountable Network

The Accountable Network, an industry leader since 2009, brings together the top coaches trained by Coach Connections, LLC to collaborate and serve you.

You have the opportunity to benefit from this large team of the best financial coaches in the world which gives you an endless resource of knowledge and expertise to help you navigate anything your congregation can throw at you.

Using the proprietary tools and resources available through the Accountable Network will allow your congregation to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic biblical-based stewardship that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

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