North American Statistics Show


are very concerned with the ability to afford rent


loose sleep because of financial worries


say finances are the number-one cause of stress


feel anxious about their financial situation
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Are you ready to beat the statistics?

Groundwork gives you the foundations for financial health & stability

Successful Money Management

increases creativity, decreases pessimism, lowers stress, improves energy levels, lessens sick time, strengthens relationships, and leads to better physical and mental health

Transform Your Finances

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Life Without Money Woes

means being comfortable having hard money conversations and knowing your priorities

Find the peace you've been missing in your finances!

What Participants Have Said

I really liked the visual of how the money comes in and where it goes and how people have different ways of dealing with money and that's ok.


The net worth - the altitude thing - are you an airplane or a submarine? It really hit me. Also the talk on giving and generosity


Excellent program. There are only a few out there worthy of your time, this being 1 of the 3.


I really loved being able to talk about this. It didn't feel like a chore. It was a satisfying feeling to be responsible.


It helps to see what you're doing with your money and to understand your behavior. I wish this class was available 13 years ago.


We really like the budget form because it was simple. We figured out how to do the sinking funds and getting a zero budget.


During this class I was able to get a job and then quit and get a better job and start a savings account and overall feel more competent with money and my future.


The biggest impact was about the motivation and encouragement you provided along with the concrete guidance included in each lesson.


Program Syllabus

Session 1



4 Keys for Mastering Money


Income Streams


Unplanned Spending


Finding Success With Your Personal Finances

Session 2

Needs & Wants

Altitude/Net Worth

Defining Success

Wellness Wheel

Core Values



Dream List

Needs vs wants

Session 3



Priority List

Emergency Funds

Sinking Funds

Saving Ledger

Compound Interest

Opportunity Cost

How to save money

Session 4



IOrder of Operations

Creating a Spending Plan

Mid-Month Adjustments

Irregular Income

Spending money wisely

Session 5



Paycheck to Paycheck



Steps to Get Out

Freedom Strategy

Getting out of debt

Session 6

Giving & Generosity

Why Give?

Spontaneous Generosity

Strategic Generosity

Responsible Giving

Creating a Giving Plan

Having the capacity to be generous

Understand the Importance of Finances

by starting with strong foundations and knowing where every dollar goes is a huge piece of the success we have

Get a clear picture of where you're going!

Transform Your Finances

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Meet our team of Licensed Financial Coaches

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Wesley Simpson

Lighthouse Capital Finance

Alberta, Canada

Walli Miller

Financially Thriving

New York, USA

Kate Hobbs

Drawbridge Financial Coaching

British Columbia, Canada

Kirby & Bernadette Addison

We Serv Financial Coaching 

New Jersey, USA

Connor Tyson

Progress Solutions 


Ron Povalari

Lighted Tunnel Financial Coaching

Indiana, USA

Jennifer Parker

Parker Financial & Life Coaching

Texas, USA

Lisa Smith

L.A. Smith Consulting

Erie-Meadville Area

Tressa Sheffield

Gallop Coaching

Texas, USA

Chris & Kathy Steffan

Steffan Consulting Inc

Alberta, Canada

Groundwork Sessions

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Trying to understand money and finances can be confusing and emotional. Groundwork is designed to deliver complex concepts in an easy to understand way, free from jargon. We do the same when we answer questions and run discussions with our groups.

We have taught financial literacy for many years, have done extensive training, and have a strong network of international colleagues supporting us. We also know that money is only the visible part — there is a lot more going on than unplanned spending.

We provide industry-leading proprietary tools and resources that allow participants to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

We are not licensed for and DO NOT give legal, accounting, or investment advice, nor do we sell any financial or insurance products. We don't earn any commissions nor do we receive any monetary gain for referrals to licensed professionals in these areas.

We pride ourselves on delivering informative, engaging presentations which are interactive and really get people motivated. Our material has been approved by pastors, specialists, and industry-leading financial coaches.

Every session has practical applications, visuals, handouts, interaction, opportunities to ask questions, and encouragement to dig deeper into the topic.

Discover Financial Peace

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" I think one of my favorite things was just the different perspective that you guys gave on this. The pipes helped me understand things in a visual way that I hadn't experienced with budgeting before. And with the stuff you brought in with mindsets, I felt that gave more freedom to the course. It wasn't rigid like a lion. You're allowed to put your heart into it. Money is an important thing and it does affect our hearts. There was permission to allow your heart to be affected by it."

Groundwork Participant

Photo: The Fabulous Financial Coaches who attended the International Financial Coaching Conference (IFCC 2021) hosted by Coach Connections, LLC. to discuss the industry-leading coaching process we all use as coaches and have applied to Groundwork for Mastering Money.

Have Questions?

Groundwork is a video-based financial literacy program that is facilitated by trained financial behaviour coaches around North America. It is for anyone who wants a financial reset or wants better results with their personal finances.

Each leader sets their own prices which are based on the group size, location, method, and other factors. Check the program calendar to find out details for the class you are interested in.

People in the US and Canada are very similar in how they think about and act with money so most of the content applies to both countries. When terms and statistics differ, Groundwork looks at both.

Groundwork focuses your attention on the 6 most important topics you need to quickly see improvement in your personal finances. The leaders are trained extremely well and have built careers out of helping people understand money. You will be encouraged to go deeper and will have time to work on your own situation during the class when the leader is available to help.

Groundwork works best when each session is 90 minutes long. Quite often the leaders will stay for an extra half hour to answer private questions.

Your facilitator will show the videos during your session and either send you the handouts in advance or have them available when you arrive. You can find support during the session, for a short time after the session, and can sign up for a free Discovery Session if you need more attention.

Transform Your Finances

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Whose voice is in the videos?

Kathy Steffan has been on a mission to demystify money since 2016. With a creative flair honed through years of running her own graphics and web design company, she now champions financial literacy full-time. Her unique approach outshines traditional budgeting classes by creatively guiding participants to not only regain control of their money but to develop lasting financial success.

Kathy's approach is characterized by her ability to bring a sense of fun and engagement to the often intimidating world of finance. Her clients benefit from her ability to help them understand their money mindsets, break free from unhealthy patterns, build habits that support their dreams, and experience sustainable and transformational growth.

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